Pamela Kalechofsky (pseudonym Miss Pam)

YOGA: Filled with the light of the sun and the energy of the moon, I strive to bring the magic out in each individual, guide you to find the beauty in each breath, feel the enormity of the air around you, and move mindfully through your space. In every flow there is an opportunity for expansion and dissolution, an opportunity to let go of your struggle and find the sweetness, the force that propels you and gives you a renewed joy, an elevation you can take with you from studio to street. My goal is to teach you to touch the outer layers of your imagination on your mat, to capture your inner realm through movement, the movement of your prana, your life force energy, and let that travel with you when you leave my class so you are a fuller, feeling being. Together, we will grow through sight, sound, and flow, moving with an energetic love within the strength of our community. (RYT-200 Hour, Reiki Level 1)

ART WORK:  Miss Pam usually paints with acrylic. She is inspired by movement and that can be seen within her art work. She has coined the phrase “Visual Movement” to describe her work, a vast array of color and design, with free flowing forms and interpretive illusions. Her color palette often coordinates with her hair color, the emotional palette she is currently connecting with. Utilizing a stippling technique, Miss Pam loves to build and blend to create textures and designs. Her art work encourages the viewer to be creative, as onlookers visualize objects and scenes within each piece of abstract motion.

She says, “I move paint around until it feels good. Then I stop.”

To purchase pieces or commission new works, please contact Miss Pam via the “Contact” page or visit for prints, clothing, and more!

MODELING: Available for hire or TFP shoots, runway, or catalog. NO NUDITY.